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Smell of Gas

Learn how to recognize the signs of a gas leak, act fast, and be prepared for an emergency. If you suspect a gas leak, keep yourself safe. Smell. Leave. Tell.

This important information is also available as a safety flyer. Esta información de seguridad para el gas natural está disponible en español.

Suspect A Gas Leak? Use Your Senses




A white cloud, mist or fog, bubbles in still water, blowing dust, or dead or dying plants.




A distinct rotten egg-like odor.




Unusual hissing, roaring or whistling.

If you suspect a leak, do ...


Immediately move to a safe location. Don't start your car, as a spark could ignite.

Call 911

Tell 911
Call 911. Don't assume someone else made the call. Report your location, including cross streets, and whether there's digging nearby.

If you suspect a leak, Don't ...


  • Smoke.
  • Light a match.
  • Open doors or windows.
  • Use your landline or cell phone.
  • Switch on/off appliances.
  • Use a flashlight.
  • Start a car.
  • Attempt to make repairs.
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